Did You Know?

martini05DID YOU KNOW…

Did you know…Oregon’s vineyards are primarily located in the valley of the Willamette River between the Coast Range & Cascades, allowing for cooler climates & long growing seasons. How do you pronounce “WILLAMETTE”?

Did you know…Washington is America’s primary site for Riesling*, but most vineyards are Chardonnay & Caberent Sauvignon and Merlot draws the highest acclaim. Columbia Valley AVA is the largest appellation in WA.

New York
Did you know…Concord grapes are the predominant grape variety. Fingers Lakes AVA is its primary wine region. NY is 2nd in total volume of wine production after California, but is less than 5 percent of the national total

New Zealand
Did you know…New Zealand, comprised of 2 main islands, North and South islands and is about 1,200 miles east of the Australia. Its cooler climates are ideal for white varietals and Pinot noir, and the islands are primarily made up of high volcanic mountains.

Did you know…Australia is known for its high alcohol, fruit driven, full bodies wines. Most wines come from the southern part of the country within 4 main regions…Western Australia, South Austrailia, New South Wales & Victoria.

Did you know…Chile is the 2nd largest wine producer in S. America. The Central Valley encompasses more than 80% of its winegrowing areas with 3/4’s of wine acreage Cabernet Sauvignon.

Did you know…Argentina is the world’s 5th largest wine producing country. Its signature red grape varietal is Malbec, a French grape from Bordeaux & 70% comes from the Mendoza region. The greatest threat that Argentina faces each year is the hailstorms which cause severe damage to the vineyards.

Did you know…France has one of the largest wine industries in the world and the longest histories of exporting wines. Many new world grape varietals originated and were refined in France.

Did you know…Italy Is the 3rd largest wine producing country in the world. Known for its old world style Amarones, Barolos and Brunellos, while also mastering the Moscato and Pinot Grigio, for an every day drinking wine.

Did you know…Germany & Riesling are two names that are inseparable. Riesling is one of the most cold-hardy grapes & Germany has the world’s coldest wine regions.

Did you know…Spain is the 3rd largest producer of wine after Italy and France. It is primarily known for 3 classic wines- a red, rioja, fortified sherry and a sparkling Cava. Tempranillo and Garnacha are Spain’s main red varietals and Viura, also called Macabeo, for whites.

South Africa
Did you know… Chenin Blanc has been adopted by wine growers and often called its old name “Steen”, and is its most planted wine varietal. Pinotage, indigenious to S. Africa is a cross between Caberent Sauvignon and Cinsaut.

Did you know…85% of all of Ontario’s vineyards lie in the Niagara Pennisula. With winters playing a huge role in the wine growing process, they are known for their ice wines- grapes are harvested after they are frozen on the vines allowing for max sugar levels in the grapes.

Did you know…Portugal is primarily known for its fortified wines from the region of Douro Valley. There are several grape varietals grown here – Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinto Roriz and Tinto Barroca, also called Tempranillo.

Did you know…Michigan is well known for its Riesling grapes, due to its short growing season. But over the years, winemakers have began to master many of the red varietals. What’s your favorite Michigan winery?