Once there was a time when people understood and appreciated the art of cocktail and a good bottle of wine. A cocktail was not just a drink. It was a statement, a mood, a place. It was a declaration of character to walk into a bar and order the drink or wine that defined your inner soul.

That era has returned to a place where it all started in 1916 in the historic Bancroft Hotel. Please be self-assured we are the protectors of history, torchbearers of tradition, that promise to serve you the best cocktail or most enjoyable bottle of wine from a time in history when life wasn’t so hectic and stressful.

Our signature cocktails, wines and culinary creations are meant to warm your inner soul in the tradition of a long forgotten era before chain restaurants and processed garbage dominated the landscape. If you’re ready to reinvigorate your spirit and slow things down just a little were ready to make your evening an enjoyable experience.